New client feature: Suzette Howe

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New client feature: Suzette Howe

New Cup of Coffee Coaching client Suzette Howe is underway receiving training on book writing and interviewing for her new book, the first of a series, on the untold, positive personal stories of the lives of Mixed Martial Arts fighters from the UFC, Bellator, and others. Suzette is determinedly moving forward with a God-given vision…for this project and is developing her skills while managing her own full-service marketing business, as well as assisting her son, MMA fighter Dominick Cruz, in his career. Thank you, Suzette, for your trust in me; awesome days are ahead as we continue our training each week!

I am receiving new Cup of Coffee Coaching clients to begin work this summer. Allow me to encourage and work with you to help you reach your educational needs and publishing goals. Contact me today!

My Core Values

INTEGRITY: I will be honest and not lie or mislead in anything I do.

WORK ETHIC: I will have a consistent commitment to honor best practices for writing, editing, publishing, and coaching; I will seek ongoing training for my skills.

COMMUNICATION: I will communicate with clients and my team clearly and thoroughly regarding expectations, processes and deadlines, scope of work, and terms and conditions of agreements.

INTERACTION: I will practice one-on-one interaction with a customized, personalized approach to help others tell their story.

RESPONSIBILITY: I will be accountable for my business' finances and sustainable practices; I will be accountable to my causes through my volunteerism and giving.

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