Bookstore Reflections, Part 1: The Eye

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August Blog_Bookstore Eye

Bookstore Reflections, Part 1: The Eye

Slate grey skies deposited a steady stream of rain outside the bookstore in suburban New Jersey near Manhattan. As I sat in the bookstore café, I felt the familiar invitation to relax and read that for me always accompanied a rainy morning. On such days, I used to go to a bookstore, too—

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August 2016 Blog 1

The Write Palette: A Writer’s Dream Unshelved

by Rachel Richardson, Guest Blogger. If you are reading this, odds are you are a writer. If you are a writer, you have most likely experienced some self-doubt and loads of “helpful” advice about how you should be practical and pursue job security instead of your passion. At least, this was the case for me.

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July 2016 Blog 4

Do You Need To Start a New Chapter?

There’s nothing like embarking on a new chapter in your life. As writers, it can feel like we are doing that with each new devotional, article, or book segment we create. But it’s quite another thing altogether when you launch a new business and get married—all in the same summer.

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July 2016 Blog 3

Become a Master of Your Time

I’m a big fan of those who master time. As a child, I watched Doctor Who on PBS and was thrilled when the BBC rebooted the franchise in 2005. I love the tales of the Time Lord who travels through time and space in his TARDIS vessel. Now, not that I’m a geek or anything—

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July 2016 Blog 2

Three Writing Lessons From Baseball

Last Friday night I was fried—brain numb done. It had been a long week, and everything that needed to be done was done except for one thing: my next blog post. For five months, I’d stayed one week ahead on all of my post writing. Now I was behind and out of time and ideas.

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July 2016 Blog 1 (600 x 450)

A Writing Career: Taking the Plunge

by Jack Martin, guest blogger

Sweat begins to bead on my forehead as I clamber up the ten-foot ladder. My feet feel the sting of the sun-heated metal even as I tremble with nervous anticipation at the quickly approaching plunge.

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June 2016 Blog 4

Fiction Writing: Solidifying Your Plot with a Plot View

What’s this story about? Is anything happening? Why should I keep reading? Why should I care? These are four questions author and teacher James Scott Bell says must be answered as you write a novel, on every page and with every scene. Plot is the main way these queries are addressed.

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June 2016 Blog 3

Fiction Writing: The High’s (and Higher’s) of Creating Character Bios

I admit it—I was thrillingly engrossed in the process. I spent hours revising them and countless more hours researching and ruminating on each one. In the end, I knew each one as well as I knew myself, perhaps even better. Creating characters was a high that had no lows.

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June 2016 Blog 2

Fiction Writing: Two Keys to Help Your Novel Take Flight

So you want to write a novel—or revise and improve the story you’ve already begun? In the words of my most beloved fiction character, author Jack Higgins’ Sean Dillon, “Good man yourself.” Each page will be a joyous struggle as you get emotional and become thoughtful!

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June 2016 Blog 1

Writing Fiction That’s True to its Word

We’ve all seen them—a movie car chase with tires squealing on a dirt road; a TV gunfight where shooters miss their target from point blank range; a fight where the opponent takes blows that should’ve knocked him out. It’s flawed fiction, and you can’t afford to put it in your novel.

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