What is your story (250 x 178)Your Memoir: Your story come to life in your voice

You know you have a story to tell. Perhaps you’ve overcome a life-threatening challenge like cancer, or survived a near-fatal ordeal like a hostage situation. Maybe God Himself has told you to write a book about what He has done to give you hope out of heartache.

Three WriteWorks authors have told the above stories – and today you can join them!

Whether you’re an experienced writer, have never written a word in your life, or are somewhere in-between, Adam Colwell will help you write your book while maintaining your unique voice and style. Every word and every edit will be approved by you so that the final published book will say what you want – exactly the way you want. More than an editor or ghostwriter, Adam’s passion is to partner with you as your co-storyteller, bringing your experiences to life for your readers.

Then, when your manuscript is ready, Adam and his WriteWorks team will help you market your book to agents and acquisitions editors. If you feel that self-publishing is the road you’d rather take, Adam and his team can also help you self-publish through his WriteWorks publishing imprint or by using a company you choose. Adam receives no royalties from any of your sales, meaning you keep every dollar possible from your project.

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What They’re Saying…

“I knew I was supposed to write my book seven years ago. But I’m a talker, not a writer! I thought, “If I could just sit down and tell someone my story and have them write it that would be perfect!” I started working with Adam in January 2015 and I published by November 1! It’s been an amazing collaboration. He’s wonderfully gifted – able to skillfully put my thoughts into words that evoke the emotion as if he were in the moment. I looked forward to our meetings and was always very excited to read/hear what he had for me to edit. He’s easy to talk to, funny, and has become a good friend.”

Jacquelyn D. Murray, author of Cancer With Grace

“Adam has been such a blessing to me as we have worked on my book. When I first finished writing my book, I knew I would need an editor but I was so afraid they would try to change my voice. Adam has done an incredible job of protecting my voice while offering insight to this project. With every chapter we accomplish I feel encouraged and like my book is becoming clearer and more reader-friendly. I have sincerely enjoyed working with Adam on this project and appreciate the wisdom he offers. I know I will come away from our time together as a better writer with a more polished book. I hope to continue with Adam on this project to the finish line because not only has he proven to be an amazing editor, but I have seen enough to know that he will be a great project manager and do everything he can to help me get this book off the ground and rolling.”

Rachel Lewis, author of yet-to-be-published Pieces of Me

Our Vision

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks champions proven, caring, and heart-driven writers who are leaders to share their story with words that inspire. We do this through world-class book editing, ghostwriting, and coaching for publishing, marketing, and author platform development. Using a proven system of one-on-one interaction that strategically equips and inspires writers to achieve more than they could by themselves, they are able to complete, promote, and sell their book to reach more people and pursue their goals.

We also provide writer coaching in a variety of disciplines including fiction and non-fiction, writing for non-profit organizations, and the essentials of starting a writing business – and help national and international non-profit organizations proclaim their mission through donor-focused fundraising and inspirational writing such as devotionals.

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