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Devotionals: Deepen and personalize your relationship with your donors

An effective and life-changing way to enhance your relationship with your donors and increase their affinity toward your organization is through devotionals. Written exclusively for you with teachings and calls-to-action specific to your mission, these devotionals can be delivered daily via email or published monthly via a magazine as a value-added benefit to your donors.

The WriteWorks devotional writing team has created daily devotionals for The Presidential Prayer Team, Family Life Communications and other organizations such as Bible League International. Adam Colwell will manage the entire process for you, including choice of Bible verses and teaching direction and themes, and he will utilize his team of writers to provide this inspirational content at a low monthly fee suited directly to your budget realities.

Adam and his WriteWorks feature writing team are also available to you to provide specialized teaching or news content for online distribution. We can also create content and design for magazines or other print publications distributed to your audience – as we do currently with the quarterly magazine for Street2Street.

Finally, our fundraising writers can ghostwrite letters for your ministry leader that will tell your story, touch your donor’s hearts, and generate income. Adam is also available to consult with your regarding your fundraising efforts, specializing in direct mail packages and email fundraising. Adam is currently providing these services for Street2Street.

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What They’re Saying…

“Adam Colwell oversees the writing team that produces our daily Vantage Point devotional program. As the largest national internet-based prayer ministry, the written word is our method of communicating with over 1.5 million households since 2001. The Vantage Point devotionals are read by thousands of our members each day via email, and they are inspired to pray and seek a closer walk with God through the devotionals. Vantage Point is an essential part of our ministry, and Adam’s creativity and leadership makes it a reality.”

–Jim Bolthouse, President, The Presidential Prayer Team

“When 4Tucson started a quarterly magazine, we knew what we wanted the magazine to look like and what it should communicate, but little experience how to do it. Adam assembled a team of writers who interviewed key people each quarter and wrote outstanding articles – from events, to people, to vision and mission of the organization. Adam edited the articles and did an outstanding job keeping us on task and meeting deadlines for printing and publication. The magazine has been an easy to read tool for our team to share what is happening with people who have not heard of 4Tucson.”

–Mark Harris, Executive Director, 4Tucson

“Adam Colwell is an accomplished and creative writer, extremely organized and dedicated to doing a supreme job at whatever task is before him. I’ve known Adam for 17 years and in many capacities; as a boss, a writing coach, and friend. Adam has written devotionals and blogs for the Intentional Living Center. His devotionals are heartfelt and genuine, making a difference in the lives of our readers.”

–Cindie Conley, Executive Assistant, Family Life Communications

“When Adam Colwell produced his first piece of writing for me years ago, I was very pleased with his level of service and quality. Over the subsequent years, Adam produced hundreds of excellent projects and thousands of devotionals written by him and his team. He’s a joy to work with and has a tremendous heart for helping non-profits accomplish their goals.”

–Rod Robison, Vice President for Constituent Services, Family Life Communications

“When I served as President / CEO for The Presidential Prayer Team, Adam Colwell and I worked together in developing our month-to-month fundraising and marketing programs for both direct mail and online. Without fail, Adam delivered excellent strategies, dynamic writing and handled the details of every project expertly and on deadline. Our constituents received the communication, products and services they expected, and their lives were enriched, by Adam’s fine work.”

–John Lind, President, Lind & Associates

“It is my privilege to recommend Adam Colwell as an excellent project writer, editor, designer, and manager. He is disciplined when working with timelines and has the creative ability to work around difficulties or obstacles. Adam has the marketing experience to deliver a product to donors that is appealing and unique, and gets results. It is refreshing to know and use a writer who understands the traits of the constituents in the non-profit and religious sectors.

It is my belief that Adam Colwell and WriteWorks will provide a relationship that will deliver solutions and benefits for your organization and constituents’ needs.”

–Tom McGregor, Former Director of Development, World Bible Translation Center

Our Vision

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks champions proven, caring, and heart-driven writers who are leaders to share their story with words that inspire. We do this through world-class book editing, ghostwriting, and coaching for publishing, marketing, and author platform development. Using a proven system of one-on-one interaction that strategically equips and inspires writers to achieve more than they could by themselves, they are able to complete, promote, and sell their book to reach more people and pursue their goals.

We also provide writer coaching in a variety of disciplines including fiction and non-fiction, writing for non-profit organizations, and the essentials of starting a writing business – and help national and international non-profit organizations proclaim their mission through donor-focused fundraising and inspirational writing such as devotionals.

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