Audiobook narrator and producer Dave Ficere
Dave is a writer, editor, and narrator with more than 30 years of experience in multiple media platforms. The owner of Ficere Writing Solutions, Dave works with a variety of businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations as a writer, editor, LinkedIn consultant, and ACX (Amazon) approved audiobook narrator and producer. He has edited or co-edited over a dozen books and currently ghostwrites a weekly business blog on a variety of topics. His writing has also been featured in a wide array of media including radio promotions, devotional publications, newspapers, blogs, websites, magazines and newsletters.

A graduate of San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Dave is the proud father of two sons, is married to Patt, and lives in Phoenix, AZ. Here is an audiobook sample from Dave.


Audiobook narrator Patt Ficere

Patt is a public speaker and highly sought-after instructor, communicator, and facilitator as a professional development and training coordinator for an Arizona government agency. She also serves as an in-house consultant for a variety of classes and programs including personal growth and career path development, leadership development, customer service, adult learning, conflict resolution, team building, strategic planning, and communication. In addition, Patt is a certified facilitator and instructor for the DiSC Personal Profile and a variety of leadership courses, and is a member of the adjunct faculty for the Maricopa Community College District.

Active in church and community service, Patt lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, Dave, and their dog, Scully. Here is an audiobook sample from Patt.


Audiobook narrator Stephanie Fries

Stephanie is an narrator, producer, and entrepreneur who worked 27 years as a broadcast professional in Tucson, AZ. She possesses a variety of expertise including on-air, public affairs, promotions, and public relations. Since leaving broadcasting, she has become a stained-glass artist. Stephanie lives in Tucson with her family which includes three cats and a dog.




Audiobook narrator Ed Phillips

A dream birthed as a young boy developed into a passionate desire to get behind the microphone. In tenth grade, young Ed’s high school principal gave him his first job as “The Morning Announcements Guy.” As a college freshman, with some help from his friend Steve, Ed landed his first radio broadcasting job at a 250-watt daytime station. Sitting or standing behind a microphone remains Ed’s happy place, whether it’s radio broadcasting or voicing audiobooks.

Married to Grace, Ed lives in Charlotte, NC.


Audiobook narrator Grace Phillips

Clear communication is very important to Grace in everything she does. Whether it’s performing a monologue, hosting radio programs, or recording texts, connecting with and clearly communicating to her listeners is her heart’s desire. She records audiobooks with enthusiasm and excellence on time and on budget. Married to Ed, Grace lives in Charlotte, NC.


My Core Values

INTEGRITY: I will be honest and not lie or mislead in anything I do.

WORK ETHIC: I will have a consistent commitment to honor best practices for writing, editing, publishing, and coaching; I will seek ongoing training for my skills.

COMMUNICATION: I will communicate with clients and my team clearly and thoroughly regarding expectations, processes and deadlines, scope of work, and terms and conditions of agreements.

INTERACTION: I will practice one-on-one interaction with a customized, personalized approach to help others tell their story.

RESPONSIBILITY: I will be accountable for my business' finances and sustainable practices; I will be accountable to my causes through my volunteerism and giving.

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