Our Upcoming Books

Share your story (250 x 198)

1. “Our Four-Leaf Clover” by Andres & Marysol Malo (memoir): The story of the couple and their challenges raising a developmentally-challenged son born with no eyes or nose. Due to publish by Summer 2016.

2. “Forge Ahead” by James Reed (inspirational non-fiction): The story of a pastor and former U.S. Air Force One crew member and his ministry to help people spiritually wounded in churches and physically/psychologically wounded by the war on terror.

3. “Be Good at Doing Good” by Paul Bellows (non-fiction self-help): Paul presents his principles for business strategic planning, growth, and long-term development.

4. “Christian Character” Volumes 1 and 2 by Frank Martin (inspirational non-fiction): Frank presents a detailed and provocative expositional teaching on the subject of Christian character and how to reflect God’s character through your life.

5. By John O’Hair (inspirational non-fiction, as yet Untitled): John shares his personal struggles and triumphs in dealing with the pain and guilt caused by sin, and teaches you how a loving, sovereign God works in your life through it all.

6. By Donnie Houston (memoir, as yet Untitled): Donnie tells of the harrowing day he was taken hostage in a prison, survived seventeen hours of torture that nearly killed him, and now speaks of the courage and hope in God discovered in his recovery from the trauma.

7-8. By Lorinda Reddie-Martinez (memoir and inspirational non-fiction, both as yet Untitled): Lorinda shares candidly and from a biblical perspective about the pitfalls and hurts of online relationships in the first book, and writes poignant and uplifting devotional insights from the heart in the second.

9. By Pastor Moe Redding (inspirational non-fiction, as yet Untitled): Moe will share how God has worked in his life to move from egotism to humility, and create a church whose mission of service to others has made a life-altering impact on his congregation and the people they serve in Jesus’ name.

10. “A City and a Church Rise Together” by Adam Colwell with Meg Villanueva (non-fiction): This book details Tucson’s Christian history from the arrival of Father Kino to the present, showing how today’s Christian Tucsonans can become a part of His ongoing story for Tucson and Southern Arizona. In partnership with 4Tucson.

One more book (inspirational non-fiction) is scheduled to launch work next month. Watch this page for more details!

Our Vision

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks helps aspiring to professional writers share their story through book editing, ghostwriting, publishing, platform development, and coaching. We also position and aid local and international Christian non-profit organizations to proclaim their mission through devotional writing, editing, and project management.

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks does this through a proven system of one-on-one interaction that strategically equips and inspires writers and organizations to achieve more than they could by themselves. Writers then complete, promote, and sell their book, and organizations strengthen their relationship with their members and donors. As a result, writers and organizations reach significantly more people and achieve their goals.

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