Book Printing

Should you choose to not self-publish through Kindle Direct Publishing or a similar service, but desire to cost effectively print your books for distribution through your author platform, we have the ideal partners to help you.

Dave Sheets / Believers Book Services

Dave is a book industry veteran with experience with some of the top publishers, distributors, and printers in the industry, including Tyndale House Publishers, Multnomah Publishers, STL Distribution, Harvest House, and Bethany Press. In 2008, David was named as one of Christian Retailing Magazine’s “Top 40 under 40,” in which CRM identified 40 individuals under the age of 40 “who are widely considered to be influential figures for the days ahead in the Christian product industry.”

From traditional publishing, Dave transitioned to independent publishing, serving authors through a revolutionary digital print solutions company, followed by becoming President of Christian Writers Guild, co-owned with Jerry B. Jenkins, and merging this organization with BelieversPress/BelieversBookServices, which has been serving authors since 2004.

Over the years, Dave has helped hundreds of authors print books. His relationship with a wide variety of print partners, and his experience in publishing, make him a valuable resource for any author wanting to print books the right way, at the right price.

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Author2Market / D&L Press

Author2Market and D&L Press is the technology leader in the book-of-one print industry. It enables publishers and established and aspiring writers to print their books immediately, inexpensively, and with no set-up charges or minimum quantities required. From online print review to a fully integrated, distributed print and product distribution system, Author2Market and D&L Press enables authors and publishers to go from manuscript to selling their books, bringing back more revenue and profit to authors and publishers.

Brad Smith has been in the book printing and general printing industry since 1972 and will be creative and helpful in answering any of your questions. Learn more.

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