Published Books

Abducted But Not Forsaken: How one man’s escape from a notorious terrorist brought hope to Africa by Okongo Samson

Published March 2021 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

As a boy, Okongo Samson was captured by a band of terrorists, then beaten and brutalized mercilessly for weeks—only to escape through a series of miraculous circumstances that could only come from God’s intervention. Then, after beginning to courageously tell his story despite the fears and doubts that assaulted his faith, Okongo was thrown in jail time and again for the “crime” of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, at times bringing him to the point of death physically and spiritually. Okongo’s heartfelt, incredible story will help you find hope in your pain and hardships—and know that you will never be forsaken as you trust in the Lord for your transformation. $16.99 Buy Now

In Succession: A Step-by-Step Journey for Continuity by Brian Cochran and John Moore

 Published February 2021 by John Moore Associates through Author2Market / D&L Press

 There’s no doubt. A winning continuity plan is vital—and In Succession: A Step-by-Step Journey for Continuity was written so that both predecessors and successors in companies large or small can plan and execute one. Published as two volumes—one from the point of view of the predecessor, the other from the vantage point of the successor — financial advisors Brian Cochran and John Moore of John Moore Associates uniquely and effectively addresses continuity by exploring such key, yet often overlooked, topics such as preparation, values and culture, expectations, and communication. Available through John Moore Associates

The ABCs of Influence anthology, compiled by Dr. Amanda H. Goodson and Dr. Karockas Watkins

Published December 2020 by Amanda Goodson through Kindle Direct Publishing

As an influencer, you are not like everybody else. You are a solution provider. You are a strategist. You are an executor. You have a competitive advantage. However, we are in a world of change and complexity, so being a person of influence can seem more challenging than ever.

The ABCs of Influence will introduce you to 12 fabulous and gifted individuals who are influencers in their domains, displaying the power and ability to shift perspectives of individuals and organizations, demonstrating who they are and what they can do. Their stories will inspire and equip you to be a powerful influencer at work, home, and everywhere in-between, changing the lives of others through your amazing example. $24.99 Buy Now

Eternal Truth by Terri Tafoya

Published December 2020 by Eternal Truth, LLC through Kindle Direct Publishing

With unwavering directness and vulnerability, Terri Tafoya tells the riveting and raw story of her pursuit of a dream marriage that was marred and ultimately destroyed by adultery and broken expectations.

She shares how she is moving forward, and how she hopes to inspire women to find healing for their brokenness through the unconditional love and power of God. $14.00 Buy Now

Take the Time it Takes by Aaron P. Scott

Published November 2020 by The Good Brothers Project through Kindle Direct Publishing

Aaron P. Scott has seen how broken families, a poor educational system, and institutionalized racism can leave a young man feeling marginalized and victimized. He’s witnessed what incarceration and joblessness can do to undermine your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He’s experienced what it’s like to have a major setback and then have to figure out a way to turn a mess into a masterpiece. In Take the Time it Takes, Aaron shares his powerful, poignant story, then provides seven fundamental truths that will serve as a foundation to transform your thinking—and help you pursue your God-given destiny with purpose and confidence! $14.99 Buy Now

Teams, Leaders, and Change (TLC: Accelerating Women in STEM) by Dr. Amanda H. Goodson, Dr. Yvette Rice, and Odetta Scott

Published October 2020 by Amanda Goodson through Kindle Direct Publishing

Dr. Amanda H. Goodson, Dr. Yvette Rice, and Odetta Scott are engineers who have worked, or are still working, in technical jobs in government, industry, nonprofit, and academia settings, and have traveled globally as women in technology. Together, they founded WeTECH Rocks, a Women in Technology consortium, and they have written TLC: Teams, Leaders, and Change with the mission of accelerating value delivery, skills development, and strategy execution for leaders and entrepreneurs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Join Amanda, Yvette, and Odetta as they deliver seven principles that embrace who you are as women in STEM, propel you in excellence, and accelerate you to greatness! $14.99 Buy Now

Weathering the Storm: Breaking through the tempest of pain with God’s anchor of hope by Phyllis Phelps

 Published July 2020 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

 Phyllis Phelps, founding director of House of Hope NH, shares the love of Jesus Christ through her powerful personal story of faith. Hurt, abuse, and heartache led to a lifestyle of desperate addiction and empty relationships that would’ve surely destroyed her. Yet when she received help and discovered the life-changing power of God, her journey toward healing was only beginning—and would include many more challenges that severely tested her faith and threatened those she loved. $14.99 Buy Now

The Purpose and Power of Mentorship anthology, compiled by Dr. Amanda H. Goodson and Marvin Carolina Jr.

 Published June 2020 by Amanda Goodson through Kindle Direct Publishing

 Do you want to be the architect of who you are as a professional and as a person? The Purpose and Power of Mentorship will introduce you to 16 fabulous and gifted individuals who have given and received mentorship and realized the incredible difference it has made in their lives as well as the lives of others. Relevant and relatable for those in business and industry, in academia, and in non-profit organizations, as well as those involved in the local community, this book gives you lift wherever you are in your career or in the community. $24.99 Buy Now

More Than All The Steps: Experiencing the Camino de Santiago by Nicholas H. Lang

Published June 2020 by Nick Lang through Kindle Direct Publishing

Pastor and entrepreneur Nick Lang takes readers along with him and his wife Hannah on the Camino de Santiago, or the Way of Saint James, in France and Spain. He reveals a life-changing revelation about himself that he experienced on that trip that set the stage for his return to the Camino in 2019. Far more than a mere travelogue, Nick’s book will challenge your view of yourself and of God. $13.95 Buy Now

The Almighty & the Dollar: A Lifestyle of Generosity by Brian Cochran and John Moore

 Published June 2020 by John Moore Associates through Author2Market / D&L Press

Financial advisors Brian Cochran and John Moore of John Moore Associates provide insight into how you can experience satisfaction and confidence about your finances. Brian and John share the principles and wisdom of effective money management so that you can understand why it can be beneficial to be generous. They draw from their vast experience and timeless wisdom of the Bible to educate and motivate you to better use and help grow your money—and discover the joy that is possible when you give first, save second, and spend last. Available through John Moore Associates

Soar to Your Destiny: 5 Winning Success Strategies (Fourth Edition) by Dr. Amanda H. Goodson

 Published March 2020 by Amanda Goodson through Kindle Direct Publishing

You want to live a great life. Question is, are you willing to soar to higher heights to reach your potential on a regular basis? To “soar” is to place yourself in a dimension of tranquil assurance where you not only launch but remain airborne, capable of staying in that elevated space for as long as you desire to reach your peak.

The last time you looked in the mirror, what did you see? Who did you see? Was it the person whose mindset is tainted with self-doubt, or was it the real you, the person capable of achieving greatness? You are a winner and always have been. In Soar to Your Destiny, Dr. Amanda H. Goodson unveils five success strategies that will equip you with the attitude to rise above everything around you and cause you to see and believe that you are a victor. $15.00 Buy Now

The God Place: Finding Peace & Enjoying Life In A Stressful World by Bob Gassman

 Published November 2019 by Bob Gassman through Kindle Direct Publishing

Are you too burdened to enjoy your blessings? Are you trying to find your way back to God? Struggling to keep your feet on solid ground in an ever-changing culture? Minister, entrepreneur, and speaker Bob Gassman travels the globe to help others accept God’s promise of peace. The God Place: Finding Peace And Enjoying Life In A Stressful World will show you how to receive the serenity that is found by casting your cares on the one who loves you.

Through practical insights and scriptural foundations, Bob shares timeless truths for overcoming your troubles. By taking simple steps to deepen your relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth, you will find the strength you need to achieve lasting tranquility and connect with your true purpose. $11.95 Buy Now

Freedom from Hijacked Emotions by Dr. Randy Carlson

 Published October 2019 by Intentional Living Press through Kindle Direct Publishing

When you bury your emotions, you bury them alive! But when you make a bold move to respond to emotional triggers, you will find freedom from your hijacked emotions. In fact, emotional peace starts with one intentional decision. That decision will then alter your thinking, compel you to positive action, and change your emotions!

In Freedom from Hijacked Emotions, Dr. Randy Carlson will show you how to unlock the secret to personal, relational, and spiritual peace by harnessing the power of your emotions to fuel positive change. Discover how anxiety, anger, fear, or any other emotion can be used to move you toward a life that will glorify God and bring to you more daily peace and purpose. Randy’s intentional living process for overcoming hijacked emotions is understandable, applicable, and transformational! $15.99 Buy Now

Only Love Can Break a Heart by Peggy Bayless Gustave

 Published October 2019 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

Nila Campbell and her husband, Josh, are a most imperfect married couple who hope a quick romantic getaway to London can reignite the fading embers of their relationship. But when shocking events back home in the United States take a horrific turn, Nila and her family are thrown into the fires of trial, grief, and survival that threaten to destroy all they have left. Yet hope manifests, as does love, even if they come quite unexpectedly—and at a price.

Join Nila on her uncertain journey of desperation and discovery, and find out how a heart can be shattered, and put back together again, in the midst of tragedy. $12.99 Buy Now

Women in Leadership – Living Beyond Challenges by Dr. Amanda H. Goosdon & Dr. Yvette Rice

 Published September 2019 by Amanda Goodson Global through Kindle Direct Publishing

Are you ready to shine as a legacy of victory and leadership?

Throughout Scripture, God strategically placed women in specific places and times to bring about remarkable change for His people and the world. But their assignments did not come without challenges – and neither do yours.

In this hour, we believe the Lord has a specific assignment for each one of you to be light bearers who change the lives of people in your circles of influence. You are here, right now, to shine for His glory! Women in Leadership – Living Beyond Challenges will introduce you to 11 remarkable women whose unique stories of courage, tenacity, and triumph will elevate and inspire you to take your place with them in bringing about remarkable change in how you lead in every area of your life for Him and in your world.

Featured authors (in alphabetical order): Dr. Amanda Goodson, Dr. Yvette Rice, Rosalind Longmire, Dr. Jana Lovelace, Jeannie Lynch, Jana Monroe, Melissa Morrison-Ellis, Catherine Ripley, Odetta Scott, Sharon Wamble-King, and Amarie Whetten. $24.99 Buy Now

Phenomenal Prayer by Dr. Amanda H. Goosdon

 Published July 2019 by Amanda Goodson Global through Kindle Direct Publishing

Prayer—spiritual communication with God—creates an expectation that the Lord will not only hear you, but respond and act on your behalf in ways you never dreamed possible. But to experience phenomenal prayer, you must know the purpose of prayer, why you are to pray, and the conditions for acceptable prayer so that you can confidently enter into His presence and engage heaven with supernatural power and utmost confidence.

Insightful, detailed, and encouraging, Phenomenal Prayer not only teaches the dynamics of prayer with rich scriptural support, but Amanda shares stories from her life, and from those to whom she has ministered as a pastor and speaker, that prove how amazingly phenomenal prayer can be in your life as you seek the Kingdom of God first and allow it to propel you toward activating who you are in God. $12.99 Buy Now

Confession and Character by Randy Reynolds

 Published May 2019 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

All of us have a deep, inner longing for significance and security, but can still feel insecure and worthless. How can we discover an authentic, validated life?

Written in the context of the Old Testament, and of the life of David in particular, Confession and Character will present the central truths of the New Covenant’s transformation from death to the old self to life in the new self—so that you can bless others and grow in your faith in God. Randy Reynolds gives you a poignant, insightful look at Psalms 32 and 112. He calls on his experience as a former pastor and current counselor and community activist to exhort readers to accept God’s call to forgiveness and restoration, and then develop character and build a legacy that creates a healthy, godly self. $14.99 Buy Now

Final Judgment & the Goodness of God by Scott Rogers

 Published March 2019 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

“If I don’t believe in Jesus, will I be punished in hell forever?” “Why would God want to judge anyone?” If you were asked either one of these two questions, would you know how to respond? The ability to give a clear and definitive answer could mean the difference between leading a person toward a loving God—or away from him.

In Final Judgment & the Goodness of God, Scott Rogers takes you on a journey of discovery, engagingly sharing his findings from several years of in-depth study through the Bible about the final judgment and punishment. In the end, his conclusions might surprise you. They did him. More importantly, they will prepare you to answer the difficult and sometimes even embarrassing questions you’re asked about death, hell, and Judgment Day, and reintroduce you to a good God who passionately loves those he created in his image. $12.99 Buy Now

The Nuts & Bolts of Investing by Carol Jones

 Published March 2019 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

When clients visited Carol Jones for financial advice, they often told her they knew nothing about investing and asked her to recommend something to help them understand the markets. Trouble was, she had nothing to give them. Until now.

The Nuts & Bolts of Investing was written to help new investors understand the basics, as well as to be a review for more experienced investors. It provides the timeless, basic facts you need to know about the markets in order to make sure your investments are appropriate for you and to guard against fraud. It also explains some of the terms used to value securities and provides an explanation of how the markets work.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, The Nuts & Bolts of Investing will give you the confidence to make good decisions, and the help and empowerment you need to succeed. $9.99 Buy Now

Financial Healing from the Inside Out by Angela C. Preston and Dr. Amanda H. Goodson

 Published February 2019 by Amanda Goodson Global (Editing by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks)

Are you ready for a financial breakthrough? You can have it – but it requires you to embrace who God created you to be, and discover how He desires you to both see and manage your finances to benefit your life and further His Kingdom purposes in the process.

Financial Healing from the Inside Out is a power-packed booklet that will help you identify and overcome money-related stress, regulate your emotions, and understand the blessing and abundance you were destined to have. You’ll confront rebellion and learn how to give God control of your money. You’ll also find out how to have a wealthy mindset and make the right decisions to revive your financial future, and dream and think your way to financial freedom!

Filled with practical and applicable advice, the insights shared by authors Angela C. Preston and Dr, Amanda H. Goodson will make you declare, “I’m free! I’m free! Thank God, I’m free!” $9.99 Buy Now

Astronomical Leadership: Be amazed at who you are by Dr. Amanda H. Goodson

 Published January 2019 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

When she was growing up in the shadow of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, young Amanda Harris never imagined she’d someday actually work for NASA and ultimately become the first African-American woman to ever hold the position of Director of Safety and Mission Assurance out of the Marshall Space Flight Center.

In Astronomical Leadership, you’ll be inspired and motivated as Amanda shares her unlikely journey of overcoming obstacles of race and gender prejudice, finding her giftings and self-confidence, and making a bold proclamation that changed her life forever.

You’ll also walk alongside Amanda as she faces her greatest professional challenge—the destruction on reentry of the Space Shuttle Columbia—and deals with the personal trauma that followed that horrific event. You’ll also learn of her involvement in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, transition from NASA, and development as a leader that eventually led to the creation of her unique take on Input-Process-Output to improve and enhance your leadership capability, presence, style, and brand. $19.99 Buy Now

#MOMLIFE Devotional Study: An Invitation to Catch Your Breath by Alison Wallwork

 Published December 2018. Edited by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks and published through Amazon CreateSpace

Sometimes all you need as you deal with the constant challenges, chaos, and overall busyness of being a mom is a little encouragement. Alison Wallwork knows this—and draws from her experiences of multitasking, raising four boys, and trying not to drive herself crazy with worry to give you a place to stop, find hope, and be refreshed and affirmed.

Using a combination of uplifting stories and illustrations combined with practical biblical teachings infused with questions and exercises, #MOMLIFE is a 16-week devotional that will move you from inspiration to application and help you relevantly put God’s principles for living into action. Each devotional and its five daily reflections will touch your heart and holistically engage your body, soul, and spirit. $15.99 Buy Now

The Dance Floor Saved My Life: Beating the bullies of the past – and finding hope for the future by Christopher Brooks

 Published October 2018 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

“I set out to prove everybody wrong…”

From the very beginning, it seemed life was working against Christopher Brooks. From his earliest childhood experiences, being placed in special needs in elementary school, and never formally learning to read or write, Christopher was encountered by one bully after another. People, circumstances, and his own decisions seemed to conspire against him. Yet through hard work, dogged determination, and his sheer force of will, Christopher persevered and even opened and operated his own car audio business despite several severe setbacks.

But it still wasn’t enough to pacify his inner demons. Ultimately, Christopher was ready to end it all—until a phone call, and a visit to Tucson’s Club Congress, changed everything.

Christopher’s raw and at times agonizing story will inspire you to fearlessly face the bullies in your life, transform your mindset, find hope in the power of who you are, and discover your dance! $12.95 Buy Now

Concealed to Sealed: Unmasking the Pain to Transform and Live Your Authentic Life by Lorinda Martinez

Published August 2018 by High Bridge Books (Editing by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks)

Six Masks, Four Personas, Two Men … and One Mighty God!

Born as the result of an unusually tragic molestation, Lorinda’s past started dictating her present early in life. It created masks and brought forth personas that continually impacted her future-especially her choices of the men who became her first two husbands. Yet try as she might, Lorinda could never find the fairy tale life she desperately wanted. It wasn’t until she fully surrendered her life to God, her Heavenly Father and divine husband, that Lorinda was shown the power of love that has freed her to live an authentic, vibrant life filled with hope. A life she wants to offer to you.

Journey with Lorinda through her remarkable life of tears and triumph, and discover the process of Concealing, Revealing, Dealing, Healing, and Sealing that God will use to unmask your pain and transform your life, to His glory! $15.99 Buy Now

A Four-Leaf Clover: A Harbinger of Miracles by Andrés and Marysol Malo

Published July 2018 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Family Foundations International

A trio of love stories…pointing to one miracle-working God!

The love stories of Andrés and Marysol Malo first begin with the enduring tale of how they met, fell in love, broke up, and reunited to be wed—continues secondly with their love toward their children, including Jesús, who was born with a rare physical disability that challenged their faith and hope—and now carries on thirdly with the love and trust they have in Jesus Christ, inviting them to believe in the impossible.

Join this incredible couple and their family as they navigate multiple surgeries, several cross-continent trips, and an immigration to the United States where their son could receive the specialized care and education he needed…while they keep discovering the reality of the love and power of God every step of the way. Also available in Spanish. $14.99 Buy Now

“Oh, No…Not the Diva!” Dealing and revealing while living with mental illness by Jacquelyn D. Murray

Published June 2018 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

“They’ll think I’m going crazy…”

After having already overcome a rare and deadly Stage IV cancer, Jacquelyn D. Murray suddenly faced a new threat: the emergence of episodes of depression that eventually became an entirely unexpected diagnosis. In Oh, No…Not the Diva! Jacki reveals the deep-rooted sources of her mental illnesses as you experience her therapy with her and learn how those revelations changed her life. She then addresses the stigmas associated with mental illness within Christian churches and how she is confronting those stigmas with loving determination and godly grace.

If you or a family member deals with mental illness, join Jacki on her journey of discovery – and find hope and help from her experiences and insights. $14.99 Buy Now

Broken Before Battle: Changing Lives Outside the Octagon by Suzette Howe

Published June 2018 by (Writer coaching and editing by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks)

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has been called the world’s fastest-growing sport with a huge fan base. It’s often identified with violence and greed, but is that an accurate portrayal? Many MMA fighters grew up having to overcome bullying, gang activity, drugs, and violence. For them, success as a fighter is not their financial ticket to lifetime security, but an opportunity to share life-altering concepts and inspire others through the sport they enjoy.

As the mother of MMA champion Dominick Cruz and a mixed martial artist herself, author Suzette Howe has unique access to mixed martial arts athletes across the globe. In Broken Before Battle: Changing Lives Outside the Octagon, she profiles eight professional MMA fighters and coaches who tell positive stories of triumphing over tragedy, defeating obstacles, and making a life-changing difference in the lives of others. They share private memories of brokenness and ultimate success that will encourage you to be victorious in your own battles. $16.95 Buy Now

Bigger Than Business: Real-World Stories of Business Owners Living Their Purpose by Jeff Holler

Published May 2018 by High Bridge Books (Edited by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks)

Jeff Holler’s debut book brings you eight inspiring and thought-provoking stories of Christian business owners from six continents living out the purpose for which God created them in their unique business settings.

Through their transparent, true-life stories and the wisdom they convey, you will become better equipped to fully and effectively serve God right where you are – in and through the business that God has entrusted to you, thereby fulfilling the purpose for which God created you. With renewed enthusiasm, you will have greater clarity, commitment, courage, capabilities, and confidence to continue to build and grow as your ministry the business that God has entrusted to you. Also available as an audiobook voiced by Adam Colwell. $14.99 Buy Now

Redeeming Relationships – Healing the Brokenhearted by John O’Hair

Published May 2017 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

As human beings—image bearers of our Creator—we are designed with longings to have impact, to have significance, and to be loved well. Yet pain, caused by the sins others have committed against us, or guilt, caused by the sins we have committed against others, constantly work to undermine our ability to live joyfully and abundantly according to our divine design. What can we do about it?

In Redeeming Relationships – Healing the Brokenhearted, author John O’Hair draws poignantly from his own experiences in dealing with both pain and guilt, and shares lessons learned from the great personalities and stories in the Bible—to help you understand pain and guilt, address the common response patterns to each one, and become equipped to trust God for your healing individually and, even better, through the power of community. Discover how confession and repentance are the keys to living in the freedom God has intended for you. $12.99 Buy Now

Creative: Designing Churches That Engage Generations Together by Zach Yentzer

Published May 2017 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

This is a book about Millennials, but it’s more than that.

Throughout time, the churches, organizations, cities, companies, and places that have changed their world in a changing world have been deeply intergenerational. Being intergenerational allowed them to launch people and ideas, achieve their mission, and see greater impact. Creative: Designing Churches That Engage Generations Together introduces readers to the three-part Creativity Framework they used, and what it looks like for the church today. This book is designed to be a quick but in-depth conversation starter for church leaders, Millennials, and passionate advocates of younger generations, and provides:

– Practical insights into Millennials and the world they and the rest of us live in, and why they aren’t the problem but a window into shaping an exciting future for the church

– Key techniques for designing churches that engage generations together to launch people and ideas

– Actionable strategies for implementing your Creative Church

Zach Yentzer distilled years of investigation, consulting, and practical experience to write a to-the-point guide for viral churches that engage the generations together. Zach is the founder and curator of 100 Creative Cities, an online learning network and movement for designing the Creative Church. $9.99 Buy Now

If It Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn’t Have Prayed For It by David Drum

Published June 2017 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

Does the body of Christ resemble Jesus’ prayer? Are we praying with Jesus that it would? It isn’t easy.

Jesus’ John 17 prayer is far more strategic, central to the New Testament, and instructive than we realize—and it’s working! In the largely unchurched city of Tucson, AZ, countless people are turning to the Christian Church as an expression of the love of God for everyone in the city in areas such as foster care and places like the public schools. In an increasingly divided and immature world, Jesus prayed the answer.

This second book from David Drum details new challenges and insights to his role of being an “employee” of John 17. He’ll unpack the blessings that have emerged through six years of full time devotion to seeing Jesus’ prayer answered in his city. Join the adventure as he shares unexpected trials, while expanding your understanding of exactly what unity/harmony is, how it works in multiple settings, and how you can draw even closer to Christ in the process. $12.99 Buy Now

Pure Power! Spirit-led Ministry for Spirit-starved People by Moe Redding with Adam Colwell

Published January 2017 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

“Moe, are you going to give me back my church?”

When God posed this strong but simple “yes” or “no” question to Pastor Moe Redding, he was ready to quit the ministry. His plans to establish a megachurch in the affluent Phoenix suburb of Chandler were not being realized, and his frustration—and ego—were eating away at his hope, his family, and his future. Something had to change.

But his immediate response of, “Lord, it is yours,” set him on a new, unexpected, and transformative path as a pastor and as a Christian, and led to his church, Light of Christ, becoming a Spirit-led, servant ministry whose members give their lives away, first to the Lord and then to others. In Pure Power! Spirit-led Ministry for Spirit-starved People, Moe will poignantly and positively share what the Lord did for him, and the amazing way God used the church board of Light of Christ to revolutionize his ministry as a pastor. You’ll also read how the Holy Spirit brought faithful followers of Jesus and Spirit-led ministries into his life at just the right time, inspiring him to trust Jesus even more and take the next step as a follower of the Good Shepherd. All glory to God!

Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, or simply someone ready to take the next step with Jesus, Pure Power! Spirit-led Ministry for Spirit-starved People will show you how to repent, rededicate, restructure, refocus, and rejoice as you listen to Jesus, follow His leading to serve others, and become the true disciple He created you to be! Joy will be your reward. $14.99 Buy Now

Christian Character: Remade in the Image of God – Volume 1 by Frank Martin

Published May 2016 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

In Christian Character: Remade in the Image of God (Volume 1), Frank Martin explores in depth the biblical model of Christian character or spiritual maturity, and what Christian disciples look like when the process of inner transformation is completed when they are recreated in the image of God. This book is the result of considerable biblical research and many years of putting biblical principles to work in Frank’s personal walk with Christ. $12.99 Buy Now

Wooden Angel: The Gift by Peggy Bayless Gustave

Published October 2016 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

As sisters, Lille and Claire couldn’t be more different. Yet their lives can’t help but intersect time and again as each one deals with the delights and disappointments of childhood, the tragedies and triumphs of war, and the conflicts and cautious camaraderie of adulthood–all in the countryside of France and other surprising destinations. In this timeless tale of love given and love taken away, discover how this squabbling and sometimes sensational sibling relationship culminates in this prequel to Wooden Angel: The Guardian$12.99 Buy Now

Wooden Angel: The Guardian by Peggy Bayless Gustave

Published October 2015 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

“It’s All in a Lifetime.”

Two constants exist in the life of Claudette. The first is a wooden angel given to her when she was a baby in France from a young man, one of her mother’s lovers who also may have been her father. The other is the words of her maiden Aunt Claire who reminded Claudette, “It’s all in a lifetime.” And indeed it is—for Wooden Angel: The Guardian gives us the story of Claudette from her early years in France to her later life in the United States. Journey with Claudette from France to the U.S. and decide if her life’s story is a tragedy of being hermother’s victim or a triumph of making her own choices. $12.99 Buy Now

Wooden Angel: The Generations by Peggy Bayless Gustave

Published January 2018 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

The last of the Wooden Angel trilogy continues the amazing life of Claudette as she returns to France to reengage with her long-lost past – only to have experiences that define that past, shape her present, and influence her future in remarkable ways.

In the process, she experiences the joy of restoration and discovers the power of forgiveness, both for herself and for those she loves. $12.99 Buy Now

No Blossoms on the Pistachio Trees by Peggy Bayless Gustave

Published November 2015 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

Syria! The center of the Middle East powder keg, it’s the setting for No Blossoms on the Pistachio Trees. As civil strife there increases, Professor Elias Jabril discovers both unexpected hope for his personal faith and a surprising romance that blossoms into love. However, heartache soon follows as Jabril’s wife and son are irreversibly swept into the violence. Meanwhile, he and two engineers are conscripted by the Assad regime to conduct a secret security evaluation of dams on the Euphrates River—an assignment that ultimately reveals a clandestine operation, results in his abduction, and threatens to destroy everyone he loves.

Will the professor yield to the demands of his captors and kill thousands, or will logic—and another chance at love—prevail? $12.99 Buy Now

Cancer With Grace by Jacquelyn D. Murray

Published November 2015 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

“This isn’t about you, Jacki…I will get the glory.”

When Jacquelyn D. Murray was diagnosed with a rare and deadly Stage IV cancer, she made a decision to walk like, act like, and look like she’d already been healed. After all, that’s what God told her was going to happen, and she wanted to experience cancer with grace – God’s grace shining through her.

But that didn’t mean it was going to be easy. Through harsh chemotherapy, brutal radiation, and unexpected spiritual attack, join Jacki on her journey of faith and discover how you can have hope in God in your most trying circumstances. $12.99 Buy Now

My Climb by Wendy Lynn Larson

Published July 2015 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through BookLogix

“I want to have a testimony…”

When Wendy Larson uttered those words to her mother at 17 years of age, she had no idea of the journey she was about to begin…an arduous climb that would bring her face to face not only with her own mortality, but the end of her dream to have a family. Or so she thought.

Join Wendy as she tells her warm, sometimes whimsical, and always vulnerable story from being a precocious child and “normal” teenage girl longing for more, to becoming a woman whose death-defying struggles and persevering faith have helped her discover and experience a hope and zest for life you’ll find infectious and inspiring.

My Climb will give you the confidence to know you can make it through anything life throws in your path. Take the first step today. $12.99 Buy Now

Life Palette by Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love

Published November 2013 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Arizona Lithographers

Do you see yourself as a masterpiece? God’s masterpiece?

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Yet you may see yourself as anything but a masterpiece. Is there a better way? Yes!

In Life Palette, Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love takes the concepts he’s learned as a successful painter and as a longtime pastor to teach you that God is the master artist—but you give Him the palette to dip His brush in and paint a masterpiece on the canvas of your life. Each chapter gives you practical, biblical insight you can immediately apply to create a personal Life Palette (comprised of your decisions and lifestyle choices) that’ll pave the way for God to paint your life as the masterpiece He created you to be.

Discover your endless potential and priceless value! Take out your Life Palette and make it all it needs to be. The master artist is waiting for you. $12.99 Buy Now

Jesus’ Surprising Strategy by David Drum

Published July 2013 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Arizona Lithographers

We are better together! We each hold a piece of the puzzle to our community’s needs.

You’re likely familiar with Jesus’ prayer that His followers would be one. Less well-known is how strategic and timely this prayer is as well as how instructional the prayer is about the kind of unity Jesus is praying for. Combine Jesus’ prayer with the apostle Paul’s citywide analogy, and you have a gift that provides powerful direction for how the body of Christ is supposed to operate in every city—direction that could provide the very societal transformation we so desperately seek and need.

Unity for any group requires work and intentionality. Building on Jesus’ prayer and Paul’s analogy, Jesus’ Surprising Strategy examines five levels of unity, each building on the previous one, and each providing a practical, biblical means for the roles you can play to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in our day, in your relationships, and in your city. It concludes with a case study of how this is beginning to be realized in Tucson, Arizona.

David Drum encourages, instructs, and reveals his personal journey toward seeing Christian unity as a mandate worthy of your very best effort. $12.99 Buy Now

Jesus’ Surprising Strategy is also available in Spanish $12.99 Buy Now

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