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JSSCover (250 x 384)Jesus’ Surprising Strategy by David Drum

We are better together! We each hold a piece of the puzzle to our community’s needs.

You’re likely familiar with Jesus’ prayer that His followers would be one. Less well-known is how strategic and timely this prayer is as well as how instructional the prayer is about the kind of unity Jesus is praying for. Combine Jesus’ prayer with the apostle Paul’s citywide analogy, and you have a gift that provides powerful direction for how the body of Christ is supposed to operate in every city—direction that could provide the very societal transformation we so desperately seek and need.

Unity for any group requires work and intentionality. Building on Jesus’ prayer and Paul’s analogy, Jesus’ Surprising Strategy examines five levels of unity, each building on the previous one, and each providing a practical, biblical means for the roles you can play to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in our day, in your relationships, and in your city. It concludes with a case study of how this is beginning to be realized in Tucson, Arizona.

David Drum encourages, instructs, and reveals his personal journey toward seeing Christian unity as a mandate worthy of your very best effort.

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Jesus’ Surprising Strategy is also available in Spanish
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Life-Palette-Cover-300x221 (250 x 390)Life Palette by Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love

Do you see yourself as a masterpiece? God’s masterpiece?

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Yet you may see yourself as anything but a masterpiece. Is there a better way? Yes!

In Life Palette, Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love takes the concepts he’s learned as a successful painter and as a longtime pastor to teach you that God is the master artist—but you give Him the palette to dip His brush in and paint a masterpiece on the canvas of your life. Each chapter gives you practical, biblical insight you can immediately apply to create a personal Life Palette (comprised of your decisions and lifestyle choices) that’ll pave the way for God to paint your life as the masterpiece He created you to be.

Discover your endless potential and priceless value! Take out your Life Palette and make it all it needs to be. The master artist is waiting for you.

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WendyLarson_myclimb (250 x 396)My Climb by Wendy Lynn Larson

“I want to have a testimony…”

When Wendy Larson uttered those words to her mother at 17 years of age, she had no idea of the journey she was about to begin…an arduous climb that would bring her face to face not only with her own mortality, but the end of her dream to have a family. Or so she thought.

Join Wendy as she tells her warm, sometimes whimsical, and always vulnerable story from being a precocious child and “normal” teenage girl longing for more, to becoming a woman whose death-defying struggles and persevering faith have helped her discover and experience a hope and zest for life you’ll find infectious and inspiring.

My Climb will give you the confidence to know you can make it through anything life throws in your path. Take the first step today.

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CWG_Front Cover_Final (250 x 395)Cancer With Grace by Jacquelyn D. Murray

“This isn’t about you, Jacki…I will get the glory.”

When Jacquelyn D. Murray was diagnosed with a rare and deadly Stage IV cancer, she made a decision to walk like, act like, and look like she’d already been healed. After all, that’s what God told her was going to happen, and she wanted to experience cancer with grace – God’s grace shining through her.

But that didn’t mean it was going to be easy. Through harsh chemotherapy, brutal radiation, and unexpected spiritual attack, join Jacki on her journey of faith and discover how you can have hope in God in your most trying circumstances.

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Wooden Angel (250 x 372)Wooden Angel: The Guardian by Peggy Bayless Gustave

“It’s All in a Lifetime.”

Two constants exist in the life of Claudette. The first is a wooden angel given to her when she was a baby in France from a young man, one of her mother’s lovers who also may have been her father. The other is the words of her maiden Aunt Claire who reminded Claudette, “It’s all in a lifetime.” And indeed it is—for Wooden Angel: The Guardian gives us the story of Claudette from her early years in France to her later life in the United States. Journey with Claudette from France to the U.S. and decide if her life’s story is a tragedy of being her mother’s victim or a triumph of making her own choices.

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No Blossoms on the Pistachio Tree (250 x 369)No Blossoms on the Pistachio Trees by Peggy Bayless Gustave

Syria! The center of the Middle East powder keg, it’s the setting for No Blossoms on the Pistachio Trees. As civil strife there increases, Professor Elias Jabril discovers both unexpected hope for his personal faith and a surprising romance that blossoms into love. However, heartache soon follows as Jabril’s wife and son are irreversibly swept into the violence. Meanwhile, he and two engineers are conscripted by the Assad regime to conduct a secret security evaluation of dams on the Euphrates River—an assignment that ultimately reveals a clandestine operation, results in his abduction, and threatens to destroy everyone he loves.

Will the professor yield to the demands of his captors and kill thousands, or will logic—and another chance at love—prevail?

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