Your Platform



In today’s publishing marketplace, it’s up to you to promote yourself to your audience and grow your readership. It can seem a daunting task – unless you have the help you need.

Adam Colwell and his WriteWorks team will come alongside you to consult, coach, and mentor you through the platform development process, even if you’re starting from scratch. Together, you will then create or enhance your existing web presence, engage in social media marketing that will be both time-efficient and generate results, strategize and write a blog that people will desire to read, and execute an ongoing publicity/marketing plan tailored specifically for your needs.

Declare yourself, your book, and your ministry or speaking programs to a world waiting to know you!



Our Vision

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks helps aspiring to professional writers share their story through book editing, ghostwriting, publishing, platform development, and coaching. We also position and aid local and international Christian non-profit organizations to proclaim their mission through devotional writing, editing, and project management.

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks does this through a proven system of one-on-one interaction that strategically equips and inspires writers and organizations to achieve more than they could by themselves. Writers then complete, promote, and sell their book, and organizations strengthen their relationship with their members and donors. As a result, writers and organizations reach significantly more people and achieve their goals.

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