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These wonderful professionals will help you promote your book and your platform creatively and effectively.


Website Designer and Social Media Marketing Consultant Evan Grae Davis

Evan Grae Davis has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations tell their stories and connect with their tribes over the past 20+ years. As a documentary filmmaker, Evan has managed major campaigns to educate and mobilize millions of people to join non-profit and human rights causes through social media. Whether through video, a website or Facebook and Twitter, Evan can help you create an effective social media campaign to advance your product, business or cause.



Bio_photo_Carol Hatcher (250 x 337)

Social Media Consultant Carol Hatcher

Carol Hatcher is active on social media and has a passion for using it as a ministry tool. She is proficient in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. She can teach you how to use these tools to increase your following, and Carol will share simple tips on what to share and what not to share online.

Carol is a wife, mother, teacher, speaker and writer who co-authored Your First Year of Motherhood by Guideposts. She has also been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Mothers, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotionals for Wives, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks to My Mom, Couch Rebels: Because Stories Like These Aren’t Told by Potatoes, The Upper Room Devotional, P31 Woman magazine, Thriving Family Magazine, and CBN.

Carol received a bachelor’s degree in pre-teaching/language arts and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, both from the University of Tennessee. Carol taught elementary school for six years before trading being called “Mrs. Hatcher” for “Mommy.” Carol and her husband Alan are working to become Everyday Missionaries in Buford, GA as they teach their three children, Colin, Faith and Grace, to serve others one tweet and post at a time.



Andrea Arthur Owan (250 x 375)Blog Writing Consultant Andrea Arthur Owan

Andrea Arthur Owan is passionate about helping writers, speakers and authors navigate the world of blogging, develop their blogging voice, establish their brand authority, and enlarge their platform. She consults and mentors writers through the platform development process and helps experienced bloggers grow their readership. In addition, she ghostwrites and contributes blog posts for busy authors and writers.

Her own inspirational blog, “Broken Hearts, Redeemed,” helps families survive high-risk pregnancies, or heal emotionally, physically and spiritually from the loss of a child during pregnancy or at birth.

Andrea is a writer, speaker and educator. Her creative non-fiction, fiction and technical writing has appeared in books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul and Guidepost publications, blogs, secular and religious magazines and newspapers, teaching manuals and theater productions. Andrea is also co-owner of The Ingenium Communicator Group that provides freelance copywriting and editing in inspirational and technical markets for individual and B2B clients. Her professional memberships include American Writers and Artists, Inc., Freelance Writers Den, American Christian Writers Association, and Tucson Christian Writers, where she serves as coordinator and educator.

Andrea lives in Tucson, AZ with her beloved Chris. Born in California and raised in Hawaii, Andrea enjoys dividing her writing, romancing and ukulele-playing time between the three states. Read her blog.



Robin Peel (250 x 272)Book Event Specialist Robin Peel

Robin Peel has been helping Tucson, AZ-area authors and small business and professional practice owners reach their target audiences, expand their community presence, build their customer base, and increase revenues with the right mix of marketing and public relations activities since founding Robin Peel Marketing & Public Relations in 2002.

She has put over 25 years of business development, marketing, and public relations experience to work helping business professionals and local authors achieve success. Robin particularly enjoys working with authors who want to promote their expertise and sell more books. In 2014, she created the Southern Arizona Author’s Series as a showcase for author presentations and book signings.

Clients have called Robin their “Marketing Mother” for her unconditional support coupled with practical advice for achieving professional and writing success. A seasoned marketing consultant, she tailors time-tested planning, promotion and public relations activities to the unique needs of each client.

A featured speaker at local writer’s groups as well as marketing and public relations seminars, Robin is also a co-publisher of an online events calendar, Tucson Business Mixers & Networking Tips. Learn more about Robin Peel Marketing & Public Relations.








My Core Values

INTEGRITY: I will be honest and not lie or mislead in anything I do.

WORK ETHIC: I will have a consistent commitment to honor best practices for writing, editing, publishing, and coaching; I will seek ongoing training for my skills.

COMMUNICATION: I will communicate with clients and my team clearly and thoroughly regarding expectations, processes and deadlines, scope of work, and terms and conditions of agreements.

INTERACTION: I will practice one-on-one interaction with a customized, personalized approach to help others tell their story.

RESPONSIBILITY: I will be accountable for my business' finances and sustainable practices; I will be accountable to my causes through my volunteerism and giving.

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