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Cup of Coffee Coaching

There are workshops and tutorials – and then there are those times a writer simply needs a personal and ongoing touch of encouragement to hone and refine their skills.

Creating a curriculum designed specifically for your educational needs and publishing goals, Adam Colwell will serve as your writing coach and provide “Cup of Coffee Coaching,” a more relaxed and uplifting approach to writer training. Whether in person or by phone, you’ll want to pull up a chair, grab a hot java, and enjoy the interactive process as Adam pours into you the skills and inspiration you desire to improve and expand your writing and enhance your publishing opportunities.

Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned pro or somewhere in between, let Adam come alongside you and coach and cheer you onward to success.

Writing disciplines and other coaching taught by Adam include:

Fiction – plot and structure, character development and viewpoint, scenes and dialogue

Non-fiction – self-help teaching and exposition, memoir

Inspirational devotionals

Fundraising for non-profit organizations (online and direct mail packages)

Essentials of starting your own writing business

Author and ministry/business platform development



What They’re Saying…

“When I started writing my book My Climb, I knew I would need help taking the stories I’d written for my presentation and transform them to be ready for my book. What I didn’t know was how much I was going to learn about writing – and how to be a book author.

My Cup of Coffee Coaching sessions with Adam have been interactive, engaging and fun, and Adam has trained me how to tell my story by telling a story that reads less like a memoir and more like a novel. I’ve grown as a writer and as a communicator thanks to Adam and his creative partnership. He is a very talented writer and is the perfect asset for anyone who needs coaching or a mentor to walk alongside them through this creative process!”

–Wendy Larson, speaker and author of My Climb

“From the first day I met Adam, I felt at ease and comfortable with his gentle style in communication and teaching. I have gained confidence as he has taught me to look carefully at how I write from many angles. Adam has helped me see the importance of having an article hook you right at the start and to make my sentences more compact and concise to keep the reader’s attention all the way to the very end. I find it a joy to work with him as we leisurely sit back and work through the challenges I have had in honing in my writing skills.

I appreciate his honesty and his own personal love for writing which encourages me to persevere. He has been a true asset to me as an editor and coach, for I would not be writing today without his encouragement to believe in myself as a writer.”

–Kathy Watson, freelance writer

“I have been drawn to the creative power of the written word as long as I can remember, yet creating a connection between writing and publishing has seemed a mysterious and elusive process. My Cup of Coffee Coaching sessions with Adam Colwell have provided hope, inspiration, and direction.

A gifted writer in his own right, Adam has a flair for distilling the process of writing and marketing one’s writing into tangible and manageable steps. As a coach he is good-humored, kind, engaging, uplifting, and invested. He gives above and beyond of his time and energy, and freely shares from his own experiences to illustrate a point or illuminate a path. He is professional and organized in every respect, an excellent communicator, and a skillful editor. Despite his already broad experience and knowledge, Adam keeps learning and growing so that he has ever more to offer his clients.

I particularly appreciate Adam’s emphasis on getting to know and understand the unique characteristics of each person he coaches, with a focus on his or her God-given talents and core aspirations. This in turn shapes the counsel he provides, opening the way to authenticity and the realization of goals and calling. I feel privileged to coach with Adam Colwell, and give him my highest recommendation.”

–Dr. Catherine Allen, freelance writer

“The Cup of Coffee Coaching sessions I had with Adam Colwell were extremely valuable in directing my path as an author. Now I’m ready to publish my first book. His expertise and forthright advice helped me hone skills every writer must have. My writing journey was tremendously enhanced by Adam’s guidance and teaching. I would have not been prepared to move forward on my project without him. I give him a “thumbs up” and a five-star rating!”

–Becky J. Miller, Creator of God’s Lemonade Stand devotion online and future author

“I was overwhelmed with details when I started writing my book. I hired Adam Colwell as a project manager in the beginning stages. His attention to detail, organization, interaction with my writers, and ability to meet my deadline made it easier for me and helped the overall quality of my book. He is an enthusiastic professional I will partner with again!”

Kathe Wunnenberg, author of Hopelifters: Creative Ways to Spread Hope When Life Hurts

“I have known Adam for over 20 years. He started to work with us doing news and then became the editor of the Good News Magazine. Adam has great technical skills and writing abilities. Some people write and others are able to captivate the reader. Adam does the latter. I highly recommend Adam Colwell for his character and abilities.”

–Doug Martin, President/General Manager, Good News Radio Broadcasting

Our Vision

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks champions proven, caring, and heart-driven writers who are leaders to share their story with words that inspire. We do this through world-class book editing, ghostwriting, and coaching for publishing, marketing, and author platform development. Using a proven system of one-on-one interaction that strategically equips and inspires writers to achieve more than they could by themselves, they are able to complete, promote, and sell their book to reach more people and pursue their goals.

We also provide writer coaching in a variety of disciplines including fiction and non-fiction, writing for non-profit organizations, and the essentials of starting a writing business – and help national and international non-profit organizations proclaim their mission through donor-focused fundraising and inspirational writing such as devotionals.

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