What Our Clients Are Saying

Adam is a phenomenal book coach and editor. Not only did he help me see redundancies in my writing, but he opened my eyes and guided me to show emotion and detail in my storytelling. I am thankful for his patience and persistence to move my writing to a new level.

Jodi Rosser

( Author of Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength )

What I loved most about working with Adam on my book was his friendly, professional, and personally engaging way of helping me reach the best possible version of my work. With his oversight, direction, and willingness to hear my desires, I ended up with a finished product that I could not have accomplished on my own! I have sold more copies than I even imagined, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Alison Wallwork

( Author of #MOMLIFE Devotional Study: An Invitation to Catch Your Breath )

I liked how encouraging Adam was as I went through the process of writing my book with him. He gave excellent writing advice through coaching me. His expertise in writing is what pushed my writing to be even better!

Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love

( Pastor, painter, and author of Life Palette )

Adam helped me take a first draft, expand on ideas that I didn’t know were not yet fully fleshed out, and shape a final product that my readers would understand. He always made me feel good about what I had done and excited to improve it. If you’re looking for an encouraging mentor as enthusiastic about your work of art as you are, Adam is the guy!

Zach Yentzer

( Author of Creative: Designing Churches That Engage Generations Together )

With the sensitivity of a shepherd combined with the keenness of a cowboy, Adam gently rounded up my scattered thoughts, then skillfully helped me corral them into sentences, paragraphs, and eventually a book.

Bob Gassman

( Author of The God Place: Finding Peace & Enjoying Life In A Stressful World )

Adam not just helped me write a book, but he also taught me the nuances of writing. I loved his patience, guidance, and the ability to help me put into words what I was feeling, allowing my readers to feel those same emotions. Adam is a remarkable coach, teacher, and business partner.

Lorinda Martinez

( Author of Concealed to Sealed: Unmasking the Pain to Transform and Live Your Authentic Life )

Adam taught me the importance of engaging with my readership by using a more friendly tone in my writing and adding interesting stories that draw the reader in. He did the necessary surgery on my rough draft in a fun and painless way.

Scott Rogers

( Bible teacher and author of Final Judgment & the Goodness of God )

Without Adam’s special sensitivity to hear the deep and subtle ink of the spirit and then coach us to bring it to paper, our book would not be here, much less have had the success we were looking for.

Andres & Marysol Malo

( Speakers and authors of A Four-Leaf Clover: A Harbinger of Miracles )

Adam’s ability to capture my voice and help it ring clear and true is unmatched. He also knew when to push me as a writer and when to give me space to reflect and be creative. He also kept me on track. Truly, a divine connection!

Dionne Arceneaux

( Pastor, speaker, and author of Not Until He Left: Second Edition )

Adam was such an affirming editor. Wow! He knows his stuff and is not afraid to share it with you as an author, but he is also very supportive. I’m thankful to have worked with him.

Randy Reynolds

( Community activist and author of Confession and Character )

Adam understood my goal, as a Christian songwriter and author, of presenting biblical truths with engaging, informative, and humorous modern twists. Adam’s clear road map and encouragement took my book from a rough draft to a market-ready project!

Sheri Lynn Riley

( Singer, songwriter, and author of Prayer Flash! Snapshots of Abundant Living )

What I loved about working with Adam was how he made me feel comfortable in expressing my ideas to be put in writing. As we talked, he had me clarify and explain what I was trying to communicate. He then did a masterful job of putting those ideas down in writing, all the while keeping my voice in the written word.

John O’Hair

( Author of Redeeming Relationships: Healing the Brokenhearted )

What did I love the most about working with Adam on my book? The easy answer is it wasn’t like work! Adam and I met weekly, either in person or over the phone, and each week felt like I was sharing my story with an old friend. I loved how Adam made the process of writing a book comfortable and effortless for me.

Jacquelyn D. Murray

( Author of Cancer With Grace and Oh, No…Not the Diva! )

I so enjoy the creative process of writing. But as my book project progressed, I became more aware that I needed a deep dive editor to perfect my punctuation, check my spelling and syntax, offer knowledgeable critiques, and put together the front and back material. Adam was the perfect choice. He is very easy to work with, meticulous with details, and a true partner!

Rod Robison

( Illusionist and author of Unmasking the Masquerade: Three Illusionists Investigate Deception, Fear, and the Supernatural )

Adam exemplifies encouraging patience. I loved that Adam provided accountability, information, and support during the developmental editing and copyediting phases for my books. I am starting a few new projects and would enjoy having his insight and wisdom to help.

Holland B. Nance

( Author of I’m Accepted! WALKing the Journey from Freedom to Rejection )

When I started writing my book, it seemed like my mind was filled with a whirlwind of ideas, concepts, and thoughts that I just couldn’t flesh out properly. Adam didn’t just edit my book, but he coached me as a writer, helping me to turn the whirlwind in my mind into words on a page that eventually turned into a work that I am proud of. He’s a pretty cool guy, too!

Nick Lang

( Pastor and author of More Than All the Steps )

What I love most about working with Adam is his gentle way of making constructive suggestions. His changes ALWAYS make my work read better and are making me a better writer.

Peggy Bayless Gustave

( Author of five novels including the Wooden Angel trilogy )

Do you really want to become a better writer? See your ideas published? Get your stuff read? Then you need to invest in you. Adam’s expertise helps you reach your goal. Stop working alone. Two sharpens one. Your writing will improve. That’s what Adam did for me.

Lee Escobedo

( Author of Getting Unstuck: 7 Steps to Freedom )

Adam is very gracious, courteous, and thorough. He ensured the writing represented my authentic self, and he was professional, available, and responsive! I have achieved so much during my time working with Adam, and I have written several books with his support.

Dr. Amanda H. Goodson

( Speaker, coach, and author of over 16 books including Astronomical Leadership and the Women in Leadership anthology )

Adam was professional, thorough, and dramatically improved the finished product on both books. Most of all, his personal care and attention left me feeling like a valued partner in ministry.

David Drum

( Ministry leader and author of three books including Jesus’ Surprising Strategy and If It Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn’t Have Prayed For It )

Adam has a proven, step-by-step process that keeps the project from becoming overwhelming. As a result, I experienced consistent progress until one day my book was published. While Adam’s process is exceptionally beneficial, it is his professionalism, gifted editing, skillful writing, encouragement, and positive attitude that make it a pleasure to work with him.

Jeff Holler

( Speaker and author of Bigger Than Business: Real-World Stories of Business Owners Living Their Purpose )

I love working with Adam because he’s patient and understanding of timing, circumstances, and the pressures of real life. But the best thing I love about Adam is his willingness to jump into the characters of my writing and ask the relevant questions needed to draw out the very best content for my readers.

Suzette Howe

( Author of the trilogy series beginning with Broken Before Battle: Changing Lives Outside the Octagon )

My Cup of Coffee Coaching sessions with Adam have been interactive, engaging and fun. Adam was very creative in his way of helping me in writing non-fiction. One of my favorite assignments was analyzing a James Bond movie (both one of our favorite series) and writing an analysis of the plot. His understanding of writing is amazing!

Wendy Lynn Larson

( Speaker and author of My Climb: Leukemia, infertility, adoption - and all the missteps along the way )

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