Jacquelyn D. Murray

Author Jacquelyn D. Murray – Cancer With Grace

Jacki’s story will not only inspire you, but it’ll likely bring your to tears as she transparently shares her struggles and triumphs…and you’ll laugh, too. I know we did a lot of both as we met each week to work on the writing and reviewing of the manuscript for Cancer With Grace – and are now as we work on her latest book, “Oh No! Not The Diva!” It’s a continuation (of sorts) of her first story, revealing a new and unexpected foe that actually stems from everything that happened to her before her cancer.

You have a story to tell, too! Whether it’s about your life or career, about what God has done in your life – or a combination of the two, your book will help you tell that story in a way that will touch reader’s emotions and move their hearts.

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