Meet Adam


Adam Colwell HeadshotAdam Colwell is an encourager and motivator whose passion is to help people tell their stories in their unique voice and style. As a ghostwriter and editor, Adam has completed ten book manuscripts for publication since 2012, and in 2016 is working on ten more book manuscripts for his clients, including one he is co-authoring. Three of the six books that have been published by his publishing imprint have gone into their second printing and one has also been translated into Spanish.

As a writer coach, Adam has trained his clients in a variety of writing disciplines including fiction plot and structure, character development and viewpoint, scenes and dialogue, and non-fiction self-help teaching and exposition. He has also coached clients on how to write and market devotionals and fundraising copy, and on the essentials of starting their own writing business. Adam has also taught at writer’s conferences and to writer’s groups throughout the western United States.

Adam started his business in 2010 after honing his skills for 25 years in communications, serving for a decade at Good News Radio Broadcasting, another decade at Family Life Communications, and for nearly three years at The Presidential Prayer Team. For those organizations and others such as 4Tucson, Frontiers, Bible League International, In Touch, and World Bible Translation Center, Adam has edited several magazines and newspapers, written and edited thousands of devotionals, and written or edited several hundred articles, fundraising letters, and promotional communications. Adam has also written and edited video documentary and promotional scripts for clients of Harvest Media Ministries.

Adam and his wife Ginger have two daughters and two grandchildren. They work, live, and love in Tucson, AZ.

Our Vision

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks helps aspiring to professional writers share their story through book editing, ghostwriting, publishing, platform development, and coaching. We also position and aid local and international Christian non-profit organizations to proclaim their mission through devotional writing, editing, and project management.

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks does this through a proven system of one-on-one interaction that strategically equips and inspires writers and organizations to achieve more than they could by themselves. Writers then complete, promote, and sell their book, and organizations strengthen their relationship with their members and donors. As a result, writers and organizations reach significantly more people and achieve their goals.

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