Your Book Event – featuring Dr. Amanda H. Goodson and her authors

Once you have published your book, a book signing event at an area bookstore can be a great way to promote your book and meet new readers. For Women in Leadership – Living Beyond Challenges, Dr. Amanda H. Goodson and two of the anthology’s other authors, Catherine Ripley and Rosalind Longmire, talk with readers at Barnes & Noble.

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My Core Values

INTEGRITY: I will be honest and not lie or mislead in anything I do.

WORK ETHIC: I will have a consistent commitment to honor best practices for writing, editing, publishing, and coaching; I will seek ongoing training for my skills.

COMMUNICATION: I will communicate with clients and my team clearly and thoroughly regarding expectations, processes and deadlines, scope of work, and terms and conditions of agreements.

INTERACTION: I will practice one-on-one interaction with a customized, personalized approach to help others tell their story.

RESPONSIBILITY: I will be accountable for my business' finances and sustainable practices; I will be accountable to my causes through my volunteerism and giving.

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